About us

Our Company

Eljan Sports is the one-stop shop of all products distributed by Duckten Corporation. Duckten Corporation is a corporation primarily engaged in the importation and retailing of sports equipment, uniforms and accessories.

The company is known in the martial arts market for the brand KIX, the Official Taekwondo Equipment of the Philippine Taekwondo Association. It has reinvented itself into a design and retailing company branching out to other sports-related products not associated with Taekwondo. Several years ago, it launched two other brands namely, NOA Watergear (for water sports, recreation, and rescue) and STIX Arnis.

Currently, Duckten Corporation has recently expanded to include more brands – Rubber Mats and Power Trainer – to complement other sports and training needs.


Our Advocacy

Eljan Sports is not only dedicated to providing an avenue where sports products and equipment can be purchased conveniently. More importantly, Eljan Sports is dedicated to the development and growth of sports.

At its inception, our first brand KIX Taekwondo was created due to the need for high quality Taekwondo equipment for the growing Taekwondo community. A Taekwondo instructor saw the need for good equipment in order to promote the safe practice of the sport, and thus started making equipment with some of his fellow Taekwondo jins. With the support of the Philippine Taekwondo Association for the promotion of providing the needed equipment for the practice of the sport, KIX Taekwondo grew alongside the development of Taekwondo.

Similarly, in the creation of STIX Arnis and NOA Watergear, Duckten Corporation wanted to provide support to activities of great importance in the Philippines: Arnis, the Philippines' national sport, and water sports, recreation, and rescue. Arnis was just recently declared as a national sport, and Duckten Corporation thought that the Philippines' very own national sport deserved to be provided with high quality equipment and uniforms through STIX Arnis. Water sports and recreation are one of the main attractions in the Philippines as an archipelagic nation, and with NOA Watergear, Duckten Corporation wanted these activities to be as fun and safe as possible.

Aside from being our retail store for our products, Eljan Sports wants to promote, support, and develop sports. It seeks to reach its goals in the following ways:

  • Promote. Eljan Sports wants to create sport centers where different sports, such as Taekwondo and Arnis, can be practiced under skilled instructors.
  • Support. Eljan Sports consults specialists and experts in various sports in the creation of our products. Our products are created with the very intention of providing the specific needs of specific sports.
  • Develop. Eljan Sports also wants to tie up with accredited instructors by promoting their classes. From experience, many interested customers have asked us where they can practice Taekwondo and Arnis. We want to direct these customers to the best instructors nearest to them, in order to widen the reach of the sport to more areas in the Philippines.