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So, what’s new with Eljan Sports Online? If you’ve been browsing and purchasing on the new website, we’re sure you’ve already noticed the new features, but if you haven’t, here’s a round-up of the Top 8 Features of the New Eljan Sports Online!


8: The Refreshing Look 

The new Eljan Sports Online features a simpler and lighter look that its predecessor. The new look is not just for show, however. Its simplicity and lightness makes browsing easier, loading faster, and the shopping experience more pleasant!


7: The Organized Sections

Not sure of which brand to choose? You can now browse by sport! Compare brands and products, and choose the best options by viewing products from different brands side-by-side! Browsing by sport is especially useful when you’re just starting to get into a new sporting activity. If you already know which brand to choose, simply go to the brand pages directly.


6: More Payment Options

Aside from bank deposits and payments through PayPal (both cash and credit card), Eljan Sports online now accepts payments through Dragonpay. Using Dragonpay, you can directly debit the payment from your bank accounts or pay over the counter through a wide range of payment centers in the Philippines. Shopping just got more convenient!


5: More Shipping Options 

We’re not only giving you more payment options, we’re also giving you more shipping options. We’ve got Xend for local orders and FedEx for international orders. If you prefer other couriers, just send us a message, and we’ll arrange it for you!


4: Guest Checkout

We know only all too well that sometimes you just want to try the website out. The Guest Checkout system provides an alternative to the registration process -- perfect for trial purchases. We’ll only need your basic information to ship your order!


3: Registration Benefits

The Guest Checkout’s great, but registering is rewarding! Here are only some of the benefits that you can get from registering for an account: rewards for your purchases, occasional special promos and discounts, multiple addresses saved for faster checkouts, records of your order history and order status, wishlists, and more!


2: Online Exclusive Promos and Giveaways

We’re giving you a taste of the online exclusive deals right now! From April 5 to April 19, you can get freebies when you shop at our online store. This can only be availed right here on Eljan Sports Online. There’s more of this where it came from, so stay tuned for more promos and giveaways in the future!


1: International Orders and Shipping

Here’s the biggest change yet. We received requests for international orders, and we heard you! Eljan Sports Online now ships to over thirty countries all over the world. To see if your country is on the list, just visit our FAQ page!

Here are just some of the features of the new Eljan Sports Online! Try them out now!

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